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On the homefront

Today was my last day at Graphics 3. I was about a week shy of finishing my sixth year there. It was tough leaving. I’ve really enjoyed my work in the printing industry. I’ve learned so much. It’s been great fun and at the same time a real challenge.

My co-workers gave me a real nice send off. They are a great bunch of people with whom I really enjoyed working. My job at Graphics 3 has been one of the best I’ve ever had.

Now our family looks forward to new opportunities for ministry and the challenges that come with them. This Sunday we say goodbye to our church family and in a week we’ll be loading our belongings to move four hours north to beautiful Higgins Lake, Michigan. We’re so thankful for the years we’ve had here and thankful for how they’ve prepared us for the work ahead.

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  1. Hi Kevin: My math skills aren’t the best, but if I understand correctly…today..February 9th is your first day in your new church. I hope the move went well. Go with God, and may He bless your ministry. Blog on!

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