— The Preaching and Teaching Ministry of Kevin A. Pierpont

Out of place

Good Monday evening friends. I know you’re all trying to complete your list of important Christmas tasks so I’ll do my part and keep this short.

Last week I revealed some of my absent mindedness to you. Today I heard about a couple of women who were running errands together when one of them found herself a bit out of place. Hearing this made me feel much better about my absent mindedness.

Evidently the woman was dropped off in front of the post office to run inside while her friend drove around the block to return and park near the front door when there was a space available. As she exited the post office the woman quickly crossed the street carefully watching her steps because it was snowing and slippery. She hopped in the car and as the driver pulled away from the curb the passenger realized the gentleman driving the car was not her girlfriend and the driver soon realized the woman in the passenger seat was not his wife.

I can’t think of anything that better illustrates the hustled distraction we often find ourselves in as Christmas approaches. Slow down, even schedule some quite moments during the next couple of weeks if you must, but slow down, lift up your eyes and enjoy the beauty of Christmas. Reflect on the precious gift of the Christ child born in Bethlehem.