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Pastoral thoughts for 9/27/05

On Pastoral Perception

The danger of the Sr. Pastorate model of church government is that he will have the tendency to view ministry primarily through his own desires, personality, convictions, and preferences. Before long, his tastes govern the church. This is true even in churches where there is a plurality of elders who help lead.

From Al Mohler on Charles Spurgeon on “Advanced Thinkers”

Some claim that Charles Spurgeon was the most voluminous writer in the history of the English language. Given the fact that his writings — often based on his preaching — were a publishing phenomenon of Victorian times and remain a publishing phenomenon even now.

Some of Spurgeon’s sharpest words and clearest thoughts are found in the pages of his magazine, Sword and Trowel. In “Advanced Thinkers,” published in the November 1871 edition of the magazine, Spurgeon considered the rise of an intellectual elite devoted to doctrinal compromise. His words are as prophetic today as when they were first written.