God made people. We thank God for people.

Here at Barakel we exist for people. That is, we exist so we can make God known, showing Him in His glory, to people.

We’ve been preparing this week for our first winter retreat weekend.

What’s making this a special week is people. The return of people who will come enjoy a retreat weekend.

Also, helpers. Joining us this week are three new seasonal staff. These are young adults, who have chosen to give themselves to the work here at camp for the sake of making this a place for other people. They are volunteers. They join one other seasonal staffer.

Also this week, for a couple of days leading up to the retreat this weekend, we’ve been joined by a dozen or so more people who have come early to volunteer. They are helping us give the East Side Chapel a deep cleaning after the construction work that was completed there in November and December.

There are also people like you, who support us, pray for us and encourage us.

So yes, we thank God for people.