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Read the Old Books – Great Advice

Read the Old Books

Matthew Barrett over at Credo Magazine writes about reading the time tested old books.

He challenges that we ought to be reading the primary sources first, not last. Like reading a commentary on the Gospel of Luke before you read the Gospel of Luke. Don’t do that.

He also challenges that we might prefer reading modern commentators as apposed to going to the source because we’re lazy. Ouch. Hold on while I put down that commentary.

That hot new title everybody is reading may not be the best theology out there. This is such good advice I wish more people would listen to. Read the old books which have stood the test of time. Certainly be well read, reading newer books is fine. But also feed your heart and mind a steady diet of the old stuff that’s been proven to be sound.

Go read the rest – then grab an old book.

Photo by: Brenda-Starr (Creative Commons)