— The Preaching and Teaching Ministry of Kevin A. Pierpont

Recharged Batteries

In my work here at Camp Barakel I’m often the guy tending to automotive batteries.

I’m either charging, maintaining or replacing batteries.

Sometimes a battery is too old or too depleted to bring back to life.

But it’s always satisfying when I’m able to charge a battery and bring it back into service.

Sometimes all a battery needs is a good recharge.

And sometimes that’s what I need. A spiritual recharge.

A daily spiritual recharge is even better.

Time in the Word. Time in prayer. Being in church (which we all hope we get to do again soon). Sometimes listening to Scripture as I work. Listening to a sermon or a good podcast on spiritual matters.

Also a good night of sleep and going easy on junk food have their place.

These all add up to refresh and recharge me spiritually.

That’s the way God made us. He wants us to trust in Him and depend on Him for daily refreshment.

What recharges your spiritual life?