— The Preaching and Teaching Ministry of Kevin A. Pierpont

Strong and Willing

While we’re still social distancing here in Michigan, we are allowed to work on construction, maintenance and groundskeeping projects. Following the safety guidelines, of course.

So while we’re not going to have campers this summer, we do hope to accomplish much in the improvement and care of this beautiful place God has blessed at Camp Barakel.

This week a few strong and willing men have joined us to take the roof off of one of our four west side lodges.

It’s a huge project and we have plans for workers to put on a new roof next week.

It was a near record breaking high heat day yesterday and today we’ve had a couple of rain showers throughout the day.

But at the end of day two of our planned three days of taking off the roof, I’m very encouraged by the progress and deeply grateful to God for these men.

Will you thank God with me for able and willing volunteers who are giving themselves to God this week?

While you’re at it, pray also for the safety of these men as they finish up the first stage of this project tomorrow and for the safety and strength of the crew coming next week to replace the roof.

Thank you for praying. Thank you for your encouragement and support in the work here at Barakel. We also praise God for YOU.

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