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The Fire

It’s been a most interesting week at Camp Barakel.

Last Saturday while our family was away from Camp I received a call that our camp carpenter shop was on fire.

In fact, before anyone discovered it the fire had already consumed the building and little could have been done. The fire department responded quickly and made sure everything was safe.

The building encompassed about 8000 square feet. All of it housed work areas, tools, supplies, and hundreds of items stored in it for maintaining the facilities here at camp. The building also housed our largest most used pieces of machinery and parked in and around it were several vehicles.

It was all a total loss. It’s a blow to maintaining and operating camp. But as we collected ourselves this week, and grieved a little over the loss, we very quickly began praising God that things weren’t worse than they were.

So many other things nearby could have caught fire but didn’t. It had been a calm night, no wind to carry sparks. For this we praise God.

And this week we’ve all been hearing from so many people who want to help us replace what was lost and help rebuild.

We’ve also had volunteers who came mid-week to clean up the site of the fire, and at the end of the day today they were nearly done.

Will you continue to pray for us here as we think through rebuilding and resupplying?

We are grateful to God for showing us in so many ways that He is in control and He will provide.

Thank you for your prayers and support. You are also a blessing from God.

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