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Five Hour Rule

Success, In One Hour A Day (x5)

The rule itself is pretty simple: Carve out one hour from each weekday (one hour + five weekdays = five hours) to devote to deliberate practice and learning. Insert any bit of reading, studying, or practicing here that is applicable to the greater goal of advancing in your field. That’s it. Ta-da. Watch out, Mr. Buffett.

The reason why the five-hour rule is so effective in priming the world’s most accomplished people for continued success comes down to two things. First, working harder and longer is not the same as working smarter. Not even close. Smart working includes taking a little time away to learn instead of do. This will help you focus on long-term self-improvement, rather than your current workload. Do you really think Bill Gates reading 50 books a year is directly tied to his daily projects?

The 5-Hour Rule Is Used By The World’s Most Successful People

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