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The fruit of expository preaching

This is a great statement from C. J. Mahaney on the servanthood modeled at the Shepherds conference last week.

John MacArthur, Dan Dumas, and the members of Grace Community Church put on a clinic in the art of serving. Though the preaching at the conference was outstanding, the example of servanthood (truly the fruit of expository preaching) was compelling. Every individual I encountered, from the first moment I arrived to my final moment at the conference, served with excellence–and not only excellence, but cheerfulness as well. The hundreds of members of Grace Community Church who took time off work in order to serve us were a compelling illustration and demonstration of the content of the preaching we heard. True greatness as biblically defined was on display each day of the conference.

Looks like Mahaney has a basketball team lined up for next year’s conference–seems confident he won’t have to take any of his own medicine.

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