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Thinking of leaving your church?

church door handle In the consumer oriented culture in which we live, church shopping is all too common. All churches have to live with this problem. Families come and may stay for a year or two but then move on to another church in the community. The people in the church left behind are left wondering what they did wrong–could they have done something to cause these families to leave–could they have done something to prevent it?

Do we really have good reason to leave the church we’re in? Wayne Mack shares a letter written to a friend he’s encouraging to rethink his reason for looking for a different church. He notes a couple of reasons for leaving your church. One being that you find yourselves in a church that is no longer faithfully teaching God’s Word. The other reason being that you believe God would have you be of service to another church that needs your help with something no one else is doing there–and the church you are leaving can fill your role from within. Otherwise, leaving your church is harmful to yourselves, your family and the church you are leaving.

This applies equally to pastors–we pastors don’t help the church by being quick to move on when things are tough. If you are thinking of leaving your church or know someone who is, read Wayne’s piece.