— The Preaching and Teaching Ministry of Kevin A. Pierpont

Through It All

We’ve had several young adult volunteers helping here at camp this week.

This is far from a normal summer for Barakel, but it does make us happy to see ten hard-working, Jesus loving young people here giving themselves to the work.

The guys have been splitting their time between clearing brush for a new hayride trail and cutting firewood for next winter.

The ladies have been staining Snowshoe Lodge, which received a new roof last week. That building is looking great.

They also gather each evening for chapel.

We’re looking forward to another group like them next week.

Yesterday it was quite windy and it rained most of the afternoon. Late last night I got a call that a tree had fallen on the Program Center which houses the program offices and supplies.

Several resident staff men quickly gathered in the dark on the roof to clear the tree and cover the holes in the roof with tarps. More rain was on the way.

Looking at the roof today we are thanking the Lord that the damage doesn’t seem serious. We’ll be able to patch the holes and re-roof the damaged areas.

This all reminds me that God is faithfully providing for us all the time. He doesn’t remove the work or the challenges that come with it, but He proves His faithfulness through it all.

We thank God for you and your faithfulness as you pray to God with faith on our behalf and support us in the work.

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