Two Miracles In One Day

I had the privilege again this week of teaching at our Wednesday staff fellowship. My assigned passage was in John 9 and my subject, the man born blind.

One observation from the passage was especially encouraging.

After the man went to the pool of Siloam where Jesus had sent him and washed away the mud, saliva mixture that Jesus had put on his eyes, he received his sight.

He had never known what it was to see with his eyes.

He received his full sight.

John 9:7 says “So he went and washed and came back seeing.”

When Jesus gives sight He gives it completely.

Later the man not only physically sees, but eventually sees spiritually. He sees Jesus for who He is, God in human flesh and believes.

Not one, but two miracles. You could say he was having a really good day.

Physical eyes that can now see, and spiritual vision to recognize Jesus as the one to be believed in and worshiped.

It makes me thank God for the spiritual sight He’s given me to see and believe in Him.

Thank you for being a part of our ministry here at Barakel where we work to make a place where we show people Jesus and pray that they will see and believe.