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Has this been an unusual summer for you too?

Seems like every couple of days or so we’re thinking of something new we’ll remember 2020 for.

This week we’re wrapping up our last work week of what we’re calling our summer.

I say “calling” our summer because it’s been an unusual one for many reasons.

But for all the reasons I could name, today I’m thinking of all the people.

Like the college-age summer staff who’ve come every week. There have usually been 18 – 20 of them.

I’m thinking of individuals, couples, and fathers and sons who’ve come for a week at a time or for a few days, giving their time with their talents and skills.

I’m thinking of the men who came with their heavy equipment and cleaned up the site of the fire.

I’m thinking of the men who came this week with their heavy equipment and cleaned up many of the trees that were damaged because they were next to the building that burned.

I’m thinking of the man who came this week with his stump grinder to grind ninety stumps in two days.

I’m thinking of people who have come to help in the kitchen.

I’m thinking of a family who came to work and cleanup at the waterfront of our lake.

I’m thinking of the many people who have been calling with offers of help, or items to give to replace what was lost in the fire.

I’m thinking of the many people who met some of our staff last Saturday at Lansing and Flushing to give us items replacing many things we lost.

I’m thinking of the people who have been sending financial gifts to camp.

And I’m sure I am forgetting many other people.

But the Lord knows them, and I pray that He encourages and blesses them all, as only He can.

And I praise God for stirring in their hearts to help in the work here at Camp Barakel so that we are well prepared to keep sharing the Gospel with people whom we trust God will send in the future.

And we praise God for you, for how He has moved in you to pray for and support us in the ministry here. Thank you. You too are a blessing.

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