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We need you mom

Carolyn just got back from being at a Lake Ann Camp ladies retreat for a couple of days. The kids and I welcomed her back with this little video (no longer available) highlighting how things are without her. We’re glad she could go and deserves to get away for a bit–but we like it better when she’s here.

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6 thoughts on “We need you mom”

  1. Two thumbs up! We laughed, we cried, well, mostly we laughed! I’m sure Carolyn loved it. She was probably surprised at how dramatic her children could be, although then again, maybe not!

  2. How cute!! I love it! Carolyn will probably gladly leave for another 48 hours next year if it compels the production of another video like that. 😉

    And who is that poor little smiley guy who suffered so obviously with an unmade bed? (Baby Josiah???) The horror! Yet another example of the abuse and neglect that runs so rampant among homeschoolers. *sigh* Forget the whales; save the homeschooled children!

    You guys have a beautiful family! 🙂

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