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What about you – Will you vote?

Will you voteWe’re a little less than a month from Election day which is November 6th. With that day fast approaching I’d like to encourage you with three things.

First, as Americans, we are privileged to have a vote to cast. And as Christians we are responsible to have Biblically shaped values that help us make God honoring choices about how we vote.

In the recent Sept./Oct. issue of the Baptist Testimony an article by Dr. Kevin Bauder was published entitled, “Let Me Tell You How To Vote”. The same article was published in the Horizons paper a couple of weeks ago. You may have already read that article, which I highly recommend as it speaks truth to believers about how our voting should be shaped by Biblical principles. If you have not had a chance to read the article please do take the time to read it today. You can find it here on the website: Let Me Tell You How to Vote

Like you, I am very concerned about the direction of our country. I also consider it my privilege and duty as a believer to cast my vote in November, not compelled by political party allegiance, but by a commitment to Biblical principles. And as I cast my vote I thank the Lord that He is in control, knowing that come what may, “for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose. (Romans 8:28)”

Second, if you aren’t registered to vote, then TODAY, October 9, here in Michigan, is the last day you can register. So please register today, before it’s too late.

Third, again here in Michigan, you can use this link to get an early preview of the ballot. I suggest you take a look at it and learn something about the people running for office and the issues on the ballot.

I hope you’ll prepare yourself to vote and do so with Biblically shaped principles and prayer. And I hope you’ll pray for all who lead our nation and state.

For God’s glory,