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What is fellowship?

Good afternoon friends. We had a wonderful day of services here at Higgins Lake Baptist Church yesterday. The worship in both services, morning and evening, was moving. Carolyn and I and the children also had a precious day, like many we’ve had since we arrived here in February that was a huge encouragement.

The people took time yesterday to appreciate their pastor. Being the recipient of such appreciation is moving. These folks know how to appreciate. After returning home from a gathering following the evening service Carolyn and I opened card after card that bore many kind words and gracious gifts that clearly expressed the love of God’s people in our lives.

Recalling this today reminded me of a question I’ve heard asked recently. Charlie Mitchell has been leading some good discussions in 1 John for several weeks and has challenged us more than once with this question in the Sunday School hour. The question is this: What is fellowship?

Bob Gilliam at the Biblical Studies Foundation shares this biblical definition of fellowship. “Fellowship is a relationship of inner unity among believers that expresses itself in outer co-participation with Christ and one another in accomplishing God’s will on earth.” *

This sums up well the sweetness of the fellowship here with the people at Higgins Lake. We’ve experienced what we often call fellowship like we did after church last night. We gather in the “fellowship” hall, share food, and enjoy lively conversation. Those are certainly precious times.

Even greater than those times we call fellowship is that we have witnessed “true inner unity and the faithful co-participation with Christ and with one another in the accomplishment of God’s will.” It is a sweet privilege to work together with God’s people in true unity, in true fellowship. If you aren’t experiencing this kind of fellowship in your church I encourage you to ask God to give you unity in purpose with Him and your fellow believers.

Enjoying the fellowship,

*Bob Gilliam’s lesson, “The Importance of Fellowship in a New Testament Church,” is quite helpful and informative. It can be found on the website here.