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Worship God Live CD Review

I’m no musician but I do love music. And I’ve been known to sing along with music I really like–much to the irritation of my wife and children I’m sure. As a pastor–and often the worship leader in our services–I’m always on the lookout for God exalting music. Recently I was given the opportunity to review the Worship God Live CD from Sovereign Grace Music. My review can be summed up in the following words which describe well for me what I found while listening to the CD a few times–God centered, God honoring lyrics with music that is upbeat and energetic at times and peaceful at others. Praise-filled, worship–I’m singing along.

Here’s a sample of the lyrics from the song Grace Unmeasured

Grace unmeasured, vast and free
That knew me from eternity
That called me out before my birth
To bring You glory on this earth

Grace amazing, pure and deep
That saw me in my misery
That took my curse and owned my blame
So I could bear Your righteous name