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Writing your prayers for others

Ray Pritchard shares a special prayer written for he and his wife as they prepared for a ministry trip to the Czech Republic. This is such a good idea that I lan to use it myself soon. Ray writes,

How often have we said those four words? Christians routinely promise to pray for others. And such a promise, whether deeply felt or not, is always a wonderful gift. How encouraging it is to be going through a hard time and have someone who loves you say, “I’m praying for you.”

But there is something that can mean even more.

Go read Write a Prayer for a Friend.

2 thoughts on “Writing your prayers for others”

  1. Thank you, Kev…. that was a nice article and I have done that a few times when people have asked for prayer on a chat on line…
    I pray right there on the chat…it is a blessing to me and I pray that it is a blessing to them.

    You are a blessing to me, Kev.

    Please bless Kevin in his ministry as he serves you so faithfully. Bless his sweet family with their needs. Give him wisdom and help the children to grow to love and serve you. Give Carolyn strength and wisdom as she home schools the children.

    Thank you Father

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