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You got something to say?

You may feel like you have something to say. Start a blog. I’ve suggested to several people who seem to have something to say they do just that. It’s never been easier to start blogging. Once you have a blog you never know who might show up and read your stuff. You think no one will show up and it will be a total waste of time? I disagree and think Joe Carter says it well in his post Notes on Blogging: The 5/150 Principle. Here’s a snippet…

If you have a blog that is read by more than a few dozen readers then you are making a bigger impact than you probably realize. If you have 50 people reading your blog then you have more people in your “classroom” than most professors at Harvard. If you have 90 readers then you have more people in your “pews” than most pastors have in their churches every Sunday.

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2 thoughts on “You got something to say?”

  1. Kevin, found you via Joe Carter’s site and the 5/150 post. I am also from Michigan and when I was a little girl a bazillion years ago, my family vacationed at Higgins Lake. My dad is/was a member of the American Legion and the post he belonged to had a cabin there. We would go there each spring and clean up so every family would have a chance to stay during the summer. What a beautiful area. I remember taking trips to Harwick Pines State Park too.
    Great memories and I’m checking out your blog.
    God bless you in your ministry.
    Keep on bloggin’

  2. Paula – Higgins Lake is a beautiful and wonderful place to live and raise out eight children. We’ve been here for two and a half years and still haven’t gotten used to how good God has been in bringing us here.

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