You’re Welcome

Near the end of our winter retreat season here at Barakel, we have two weekends when we have a combined Junior and Senior High teen retreat on both sides of camp.

On those weekends we bus campers from camp’s west side to the east side for three of four chapel sessions.

Our retreats are really all about chapel. There’s certainly great fun had. But we work to make the highlight of the weekend the four chapel sessions when we sing great Biblical truths and preach truth from the Bible.

One of the highlights of these weekends is getting to drive one of the buses, taking teens and their leaders to chapel and then back to the west side afterward to where they are lodging.

What makes it so fun is saying, “you’re welcome” to all the campers and leaders who say “thank you” as they exit the bus.

By my best guess, I hear “thank you”, about 400 times, to which I repeat “you’re welcome” 400 times. It’s a lot of fun.

“Thank you” for your support and prayers in the work here at Barakel.