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5 Ways to Pray Without Ceasing

1 Thessalonians 5:17 challenges believers to pray without ceasing. Ever wondered how that’s possible? Pastor and author Dr. John Barnett challenges in a message entitled, Talking to God ALL the Time that “if the Word of God says, ‘Pray without ceasing’, we can. Right?” He also suggests that if we’re going to learn to pray without ceasing we need to cultivate “some fresh habits of prayer” and suggests 5 ways to pray without ceasing, saying, “These simple methods can revolutionize the prayer life of those who find extended prayer difficult:”

READING PRAYER: Don’t simply read through letters, but read and pray. After each paragraph quickly pray about what you just read.

WATCHING PRAYER: When you watch something take place live, or on TV, immediately pray about what you are seeing. Especially do this after news programs.

TALKING PRAYER: When you talk on the telephone, pray for the person you’re talking with. If it is a believer, you can pray together on the phone. This will likely lead you to a double ministry of prayer and encouragement!

LISTENING PRAYER: As you hear things in a meeting, on the radio, or almost anywhere — quickly lift to God in prayer what you are hearing.

WRITING PRAYER: As you shoot off emails — send them with a touch of God requested by prayer. When you write a letter or card (which is a great ministry in itself), pray about what you are writing and, of course, for the person you are writing to.

Read the whole message here or get the audio.