Sermon Podcast

The Church and Unity

The Church and Unity – The Foundation for Unity

Our foundation for unity in the church is Jesus himself. As we look to Jesus and His Word we’ll learn that for unity to grow and thrive in the church we’ll need to pursue love and truth. Follow along as we look at how the Bible teaches us to do this. Download

Philippians Series

Glory In Christ Jesus – Philippians 3:2-3

Believers in Jesus put no confidence in the flesh. We can put no confidence in what we bring to the gift of salvation through faith in Christ alone. As we look at Philippians 3:2-3 we’ll hear a clear warning and we’ll see three identifying characteristics of true believers in Jesus. Download

The Church and Unity

The Church and Unity – The Dangers of Disunity

The Bible teaches that in the church there should be unity. But what does unity in the church look like? What is the basis for unity in the church? In this first sermon in this brief series, we consider what the Bible teaches about the dangers of disunity in the church. Download