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The Hole In Our Holiness

The Hole In Our Holiness Kevin DeYoung’s The Hole in Our Holiness: Filling the Gap between Gospel Passion and the Pursuit of Godliness is a fresh and needed challenge to the church today.

Here are a few quotes pulled from my reading:

“You can think of holiness, to employ a metaphor, as the sanctification of your body. The mind is filled with the knowledge of God and fixed on what is good. The eyes turn away from sensuality and shudder at the sight of evil. The mouth tells the truth and refuses to gossip, slander, or speak what is coarse or obscene. The spirit is earnest, steadfast, and gentle. The heart is full of joy instead of hopelessness, patience instead of irritability, kindness instead of anger, humility instead of pride, and thankfulness instead of envy. The sexual organs are pure, being reserved for the privacy of marriage between one man and one woman. The feet move toward the lowly and away from senseless conflict, divisions, and wild parties. The hands are quick to help those in need and ready to fold in prayer. This is the anatomy of holiness.”

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The Transforming Power of the Gospel, Jerry Bridges

The Transforming Power of the GospelNo longer free, this ebook is still a great deal and a great read. Grab Jerry Bridges book The Transforming Power of the Gospel.

Here is what others are saying about the book:

Alistair Begg:
“Jerry Bridges has marvelously, attractively, and clearly communicated in this informative and inspirational treatise that God’s saving grace in Christ invites us to come just as we are. This book should be not only read and absorbed personally but also used to share with others as an excellent instrument of life-changing disciple-making.” – Harry L. Reeder III, pastor and teacher, Briarwood Presbyterian Church, Birmingham, Alabama

“Jerry Bridges tells us what we must never forget: God’s ultimate purpose for His people is to conform them to the image of His Son. Combining his characteristic brevity and lucidity, Bridges reminds us why it matters and how it is accomplished.”
– Alistair Begg, pastor, Parkside Church, Chagrin Falls, Ohio

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