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In the book of Revelation don’t ask questions

Evangel Baptist Church, Taylor, Michigan where my brother Ken is Senior Pastor recently celebrated the church’s 75th anniversary. Dr. James Grier is one of the former Pastors at Evangel and during the celebration spoke on Revelation 5. During his message he stated something I think is very helpful in addressing the challenges many have when studying Revelation.

In his words:

In the book of Revelation don’t ask questions. Just let the metaphors overwhelm you. Don’t sit there and try to figure out every detail. In point of fact if you want to master this book read it from Revelation 1:1 right through Revelation 22 in one sitting so this whole book comes together in all of it’s wonderful imagery flows over your mind. Don’t ask questions like when, why, how, they’re the wrong questions. We’re in the kind of literature that is meant to be imaginative and to cause us to begin to grasp in categories that we don’t feel comfortable with.

You can hear the audio of this quote in the audio player below.

You may also wish to download and listen to the whole message on Revelation 5 which I highly recommend. Right click, and “save as” this link for the full sermon audio.