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Why Pray – Luke 18:1-8

We’re beginning today, as we start the new year, our 8 days of prayer as a church. But why the emphasis on 8 days of prayer?

And maybe the better question is:

Why Pray as God’s People? Isn’t God in control? Doesn’t God already know all about our needs? So why pray?

Why Pray
Photo by: Trevor Cameron (Creative Commons)

Date: January 1, 2012
Title: Why Pray – Luke 18:1-8
Speaker: Kevin A. Pierpont, Higgins Lake Baptist Church
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  • And why do we pray together in each of our worship services?
  • Why have prayer meetings, like we do each Wednesday night?
  • Why take time for undistracted moments of prayer with our spouses?
  • Why should we pray with our children at home?
  • Why pray with our siblings.
  • Why pray with our grand children?
  • Why pray with our friends?
  • Why pray with our neighbors?
  • Why preach on prayer?
  • Why should we pray as God’s People?

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Christmas Joy – Part 2, Luke 2:8-20

Date: December 25, 2011
Title: Christmas Joy, Part 2 – Luke 2:8-20
Speaker: Kevin A. Pierpont, Higgins Lake Baptist Church
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Christmas joy. I asked you last week to think carefully about whether you’d be able to find reason for joy at Christmas, even if we had none of the Christmas celebrating, like all the decorating, gift giving, and gatherings we’ve grown so accustomed to. And we noted that there are, wonderful reasons for joy. We saw them in the first few verses of Luke 2 last week. I want you to go there with me again this morning. We’re going to look at a few more verses here in Luke 2 and we’ll see there are even more reasons for joy than we saw last time.

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Christmas Joy – Part 1, Luke 2:1-7

Christmas Joy, Part 1 – Luke 2:1-7
Speaker: Kevin A. Pierpont

Listen now to this sermon from the December 18, 2011 AM Service at Higgins Lake Baptist Church.
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The other night our family was watching a Christmas movie together called The Man Who Saved Christmas. It was about a toy maker who’d been enlisted by the government in the war effort to make things the soldiers needed on the battle field. 

In an effort to get the public to buy war bonds instead of toys, the government also convinced the toy maker to support their idea of canceling Christmas until the war was over. 

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